Physical Education As A Sturdy Foundation Child Development

Child have the talent, capacity, ability, and skill to be developed further through the education process. According Annarino, Cowell, and Hazelton (1980: 59-70) developed aspects of physical education as part of the educational process is (1) physical domain (organic development): proper functioning of the body system so that the individual may adequately meet the demands placed on him/her by the environment, (2) psychomotor domain (neuromuscular development): harmonious integration of the nervous and muscular system to produce desired movement, (3) cognitif domain (intellectual development): knowledge and intellectual skills and abilities, (4) affective domain (social-personal-emotional development): healthy response to physical activity, self-actualization, and self-esteem.
Gardner (2003: 36-53) states that human beings have a variety of potential to be developed. Potential development needs to be done so that people have the ability to solve a problem or create something of value in society. Ability is called the intelligence, there are seven intelligences that have been identified at the initial stage, and plus one intelligence in the last edition, thus becoming the eight intelligences, namely intelligence (1) linguistic, (2) mathematical logic, (3) a musical, (4) kinesthetic body, (5) spatial, (6) naturalist, (7) interpersonal, and (8) intrapersonal. Hoerr (2007: 14-16) adds that all children have advantages. Schools should provide more opportunities for students to develop the excess assets.
Physical Education As A Sturdy Foundation Child Development
With a somewhat different formulation, Ary Gina Agustian (2007: 45-49) states that man does not only need intellectual, but also requires emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence so that he was able to live more meaningful. Therefore, humans need to synergize the three intelligences into one unit that is integral and transcendental. Spiritual intelligence is the ability to give spiritual meaning to thoughts, behaviors and activities, as well as capable of synergizing intellectual, emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence in a comprehensive manner.
Parents must provide parenting patterns and a conducive environment for children so that all of its potential can develop in a balanced manner. Educators should provide an opportunity to the students to be ready to develop its full potential. Haywood (1986: 75-76) adds that educators should understand the influence of environmental factors on the growth and development of children.
The existence of the environment will determine the person’s potential to develop further. The neighborhood includes childbirth, nutrition, physical environment, and physical activity and regular exercise. In addition to understanding and setting up the environment, Kelly and Melograno (2004) states that a prerequisite every effort to maximize student learning is the knowledge of the student’s readiness to learn. Students must be prepared physically, socially, emotional, and cognitive learning.
Students will not learn motor skills, social behavior, self-concept, or intellectual abilities, if they are not prepared to do so. Therefore, in addition to pay attention to the environment and readiness of students, education in the early levels should not be the only important one intelligence alone. All domains or potential intelligence should be given equal opportunity to grow and develop further.
By providing equal opportunity for all potential ready to grow, along with the provision of a conducive environment, and understanding of the student’s readiness, then a solid foundation as a foundation for further growth and development has been formed. Solid foundation is a condition that needs to be owned by an individual as an adequate basis for further growth and development of appropriate skills they have.
Well that articles about physical education as a sturdy foundation child development. Hopefully this article was helpful for us as parents, teachers and the general public to help the growth process of children around us. Do not forget to look at other interesting articles on this website. thanks.
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