Rockport Fitness Walking Test

Rockport Fitness Walking Test

The Objective of this test is to monitor the development of the athlete’s VO2max.

Required resources

To undertake this test you will require:
  • 400 metre track
  • Stop watch
  • Assistant
How to conduct the Rockport Fitness Walking Test?
Rockport Fitness Walking Test

The Rockport fitness walking test is conducted as follows:

  • Choose a windless day to conduct the test
  • Record your weight
  • Walk one mile (1609 metres) as fast as possible
  • Record the time to complete the one mile walk
  • Immediately on finishing the walk record your heart rate (beats per minute)
  • Determine you VO2max.
Analysis of the result is by comparing it with the results of previous tests. It is expected that, with appropriate training between each test, the analysis would indicate an improvement
The formula used to calculate VO2max is:
  • 132.853 – (0.0769 x Weight) – (0.3877 x Age) + (6.315 x Gender) -(3.2649 x Time) – (0.1565 x Heart rate).
  • Weight is in pounds (lbs)
  • Gender Male = 1 and Female = 0
  • Time is expressed in minutes and 100ths of minutes
  • Heart rate is in beats/minute
  • Age is in years.
Target group
This test is suitable for sedentary individuals but not for individuals when test would be contraindicated.

Reliability would depend upon how strict the test is conducted and the individual’s level of motivation to perform the test.


There are published VO2max tables and the correlation to actual VO2max is high.


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