Self Awareness Inside Coach Personality

Greetings. Self awareness inside coach personality is title in this article. As a coach you must know who you are if you hope to help your athletes know how they are. When you are at peace with yourself, you can help your athletes to be at peace with themselves. If you have direction and commitment, you can impart these tou your athletes. When your athletes see you behave with reasonable consistency, they will be more likely to respond with appropriate consistency. If you demonstrate “character” in guiding your athletes through the competitive experience, you will likely build character in those you guide.
Self Awareness Inside Coach Personality
Young people seek role models. What they admire in their teachers and coaches they assimilate as their own. As a coach, you must realize that what you teach may well be less important than what you demonstrate through your character and philosophy. Quite literally, the lifetime behavior of your athletes may well depend on the example you set.

Remember this when you assume the tremendous responsibility of being coach:

Your athletes are much more likely to become what you are than what you want them to be. Consequently, you cannot provide consistently positive direction for your athletes unless you know who you are. Once you have clarified your personal values, you will be better able to help your athletes work through conflict and confusion.

Only through self-awareness can you arrive at the conclusion that you want or need to become more competent in some face of your life. This requires being honest with yourself about who you are, which sometime is a painfull experience.

Increase your self awareness in two ways:

  1. By reflecting on your own beliefs abd assumptions.
  2. By requesting feedback from other people on how they see you and how they react tou you.
A first honest look at yourself may be hard to accept. If you don’t like what you see, however, don’t run from it or deny it. You have much to learn from it.
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