Sport Philosophy Is Part Of Sport Science

Sport is complex form of human life which can be explained under the perspective of the following sub disciplines of general philosophy: anthropology, ontology, cultural philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, and scientific theory. Sport is a certain way of being, in which man is actualising the body through movement by which a diversity of actions is produced. Thus, sport has become a phenomenon wooth large existential variety in regard to the possibilities for self realization of human life.
Sport philosophy is on one side special and applied philosophy and on the other side theory field of sport science. Sport philosophy deals especially with research on the philosophical preconditions and interpretations of sport in its different forms of realisation. Sport philosophy also contributes to the scientific foundation og the theory fields or sub disciplines of sport science. 
Sport phylosophy can be considered an applied philosophy, dealing with central phenomena of society, e.g., as is done in religious, art, economic, and state philosophy. Like the theory field of sport history (retrospective), sport phylosophy produces a more prospective work and thus provides a necessary comprehensive analysis and reflection of sport in its different forms as a central social phenomenon.
The following issues are examples representing the body of knowledge of sport philosophy: scientific theory of sport science; anthropology (body); philosophy of performance in sport; philosophy of play; aesthetics and sport; social philosophy of sport; ethics and sport; movement philosophy (kinephilosophy).
LENK (1983, 282-283) defines sport philosophy in the following way:
“Philosophy is interpreting sport as individual and social phenomenon as well as educational field coming from different philosopical frameworks: philosophical anthropology, aestethics, existantial philosopy, life-philosophy, phenomenalogy, social philosophy and cultural philosophy.”
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