Various Kind of Strength Assessing, Measuring, Testing and Evaluation

Strength Measurement. The nature of strength is always difficult to define. The strong runner, the strong shot-putter and the strong jumper clearly have little in common and yet we consistently lump strength attributes together as if we are looking for the same result for each event.

Strength Test  


Strength is a generic term used to describe many dissimilar abilities. Examples of ‘strengths’ include the following:

  • Strength Endurance – the ability to move a light resistance for an extended period of time
  • Absolute Dynamic Strength – the maximum force that a muscle can generate and apply to create movement
  • Absolute Static Strength – the maximum force that a muscle can generate and apply without producing movement
  • Reactive Strength – the maximum force that muscles can apply in response to a force in the opposite direction
  • Power – which most people confuse with ‘strength’, but is actually the absolute dynamic strength multiplied by the speed it can be applied.
From these it is clear that different events/sports need different ‘strengths’, and different ‘strengths’ need different training methods.

Strength Evaluation Tests

The following are examples of core strength tests:
  • Core muscle strength and stability test
  • Curl up test
  • Canadian crunch test
  • Sit ups test.
The following are examples of elastic strength tests:
  • Jumps decathlon
  • Leg strength test
  • Standing long jump test
  • Sprint bound Index test
  • Sergeant jump test.
The following are examples of general strength tests:
  • Chin up test
  • Grip strength test
  • Medicine ball javelin quadrathlon
  • Push Up/Press up test
  • Bench press test
  • Universal bench press test
  • Metronome bench press test
  • Overhead press test
  • Leg press test
  • Leg curl test
  • Dynamic knee extension test
  • Bicep curl test
  • Squats test
  • Handgrip strength test
  • Wall squat test
  • Flexed arm hang test.
The following are examples of general strength and aerobic tests:
  • The McCloy physical fitness test
  • The Quadrathlon
  • The Wilf Paish rugby football tests.


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